Welcome to LiveTracking System

Live Tracking is an unique Application that promise you to protect your family,Grow your Businesses,Monitor Employees etc.. Live Tracking appliation is most reliable and user-friendly application for tracking & protect your family member or tracking your employees also. This mobile monitoring software is devied in three different parts of category :

1)Admin Android Application Download 2) User Android Application Download
3) Webpanel for Admin user

Admin Android Application and Webpanel is both provide a some kind of facility like Manage User, View & Manage Users Phonebook, CallLog, SMS, Location etc.. Data as per some time of interval to Admin User. So, Admin user can monitoring all the activities of his users from both tool by secure online account with us.

User Android Application, it's work an invisible & silently mode in user mobile and fetched all kind of details like: Phonebook, CallLog, SMS & Locations from his moblie.

Liva Tracking System gets all kind of Details like: Phonebook, CallLog, SMSLog, Location and more from all Android Smartphones and Tablets.