1. Why Use Live Tracking :-
    • Live Traking is a Most powerful monitering software which is installing on your Adndroid mobile without any extra cost with below benefits :

      1) Easy to install on any Android Devices
      2) You can monitor everything of your installed devices Address Book,Call logs,incoming and outgoing sms and Geographical locations.
      3) You can Synchronise with our high end Server.
      4) You can Monitor Each devices which are connected to tracking.
      5) Every 20 Minutes you will get update of your device which you want to monitor.
  2. You can use this appication for two Diffrent perpose.
    • Personal
    • Business
  3. Persaonal Perpose :-

    Track & Protect your family memnber & your own also from criminal activity.

    For Example : You will install this apps on your children mobile & track them using our location system as well as get Phonebook, CallLog & Messages data of them, and stop them before going on harmful or wrong way.

  4. Business Perpose :-

    Live Tracking system allow you to monitoring of your employee, Track all of them Location, productivity & work behaviour. you can also watch them location route in worikng hours, and you can see all location on Map.

  5. About The Application :-

    Application is devide in three way as per its roles.

    • Admin Android Application & Webpanel :-

      It's for Admin user, By this application Admin user manage all his users, also set time interval of data fetched,and which type of data fetched from user mobile like Phonebook, CallLog, SMS, Location and much more..

      Admin user can see all data on his mobile or webpanel by his secure account with us.

    • User Android Application :-

      It's work Silently & Invisible mode in user mobile, And get all deails like: Phonebook, CallLog, SMS, Locaton as per some time interval set by admin